Our Pipeline includes more than 15 molecular imaging and therapeutic agents.

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Oncology and Cardiology Imaging

Oncardia is the first universal cancer imaging product for use with  SPECT (and PET) cameras and the first “hot spot” cardiovascular  imaging product target specific for ischemia. It was developed to  address the limitations of FDG-PET/CT in cancer imaging. FDG has  a short half-life and is manufactured in a cyclotron which must be  located relatively near the medical end user.

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R & D

Cell>Point has entered into long-term commitments to financially sponsor and support continuing research and development at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center for the EC Technology, Beta Cell, In-Situ Hydrogel, N4 Technology, and Dual Agent Technology platforms.

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Cell>Point is pursuing an aggressive domestic and international patent protection program for each of the licensed technologies.

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