Greg Colip

Managing Member & CEO

Greg Colip is a founding member of Cell>Point, the CEO and has been providing financial support to the company since its beginning. Mr. Colip brings over 36 years experience in health care marketing and legal. Prior to establishing the company with Jerry Bryant and Terry Colip, Mr. Colip was a corporate mergers and acquisition lawyer and served as Deputy General Counsel for Panhandle Eastern Corporation (which has now been split with part of the company’s subsidiaries owned by Duke Energy and the remaining part owned by CMS Energy), provided legal counsel and development work for various independent power projects, served as Vice President and General Counsel for the Gulfco Division of Chromalloy American Corporation and was a production/marketing manager for The Upjohn Company (now part of Pharmacia). At Panhandle Eastern, Mr. Colip was involved in numerous complex venture, merger, spin-off and acquisition transactions including the $2.4 billion acquisition of Texas Eastern Corporation and the $1.2 billion drop down and spin-off of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. At Upjohn, Mr. Colip was production/marketing systems manager for the corticosteriod and anticoagulant product lines. Mr. Colip received a B.S. in production management/industrial engineering in 1970, a M.B.A. in 1972 and a J.D. in 1978 from Indiana University.

Terry Colip

Managing Member & CFO

Terry Colip is a founding member of Cell>Point, the CFO and has been providing financial support to the company since its beginning. Mr. Colip brings 26 years experience in health care investment banking and venture capital. Prior to the establishment of Cell>Point, Mr. Colip provided equity and investment banking services for approximately $2 billion in health care transactions and approximately $250 million in non-health care transactions. These transactions included a $85.9 million purchase of health care assets from Beverly Enterprises, Inc. and over $700 million in financings for the Voluntary Hospitals of America. Mr. Colip has worked as a health care investment banker for American Health Capital in New York, in addition to serving as Director of Health Care Finance for Boettcher & Company and Underwood, Neuhaus& Co. in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Colip also worked as a health care consultant for Coopers & Lybrand. For the October 1983 issue of Modern Healthcare magazine, Mr. Colip coauthored the article “Healthcare Entices Venture Capital Firms”. Mr. Colip received a B.S.I.E. from the College of Engineering at University of Wisconsin in 1979 and a M.P.A. in finance and health care administration from New York University in 1981.

Jerry Bryant, Jr.

Managing Member & CTO

Jerry Bryant, Jr., is a founding member of Cell>Point, the CTO and has been providing financial support to the company since its beginning. Mr. Bryant brings 15 years in research experience in molecular biology, imaging and oncology. Prior to the establishment of Cell>Point, Mr. Bryant worked as a research assistant from 1994 through 1999 in the Department of Medicine, Division of Molecular Pathology, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. During 1999 and 2000, Mr. Bryant served as President of Allcure JEMA, Inc. Mr. Bryant received his B.S. from Tennessee State University in 1987 and M.S. from the University of Florida in 1991.

F. David Rollo, M.D., PhD., FACC,

FACNP President

Dr. Rollo joined Cell>Point as President in September 2006. Prior to joining Cell>Point, Dr. Rollo served as Chief Medical Officer of Philips Medical Systems (now Philips Healthcare) from 2004 to August 2006 and served in various other positions at Philips from October 1999. Prior to joining Philips, Dr. Rollo served as Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs and Executive Medical Director for Raytel Medical Corporation from June 1996 to October 1999. Raytel owned and managed fifteen outpatient diagnostic imaging centers and two hospital based cardiovascular centers. From January 1995 to June 1996, Dr Rollo served as Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs of HCIA following the sale of his ownership in Metricor (a healthcare company which had been spunoff from Humana to HCIA). Metricor was a provider of quality management and clinical outcome services, technology assessment and asset management services, and billing, coding and collections consulting services. During this same period of time, Dr Rollo served as President of Managed Medical Imaging, a company specializing in outsource management of diagnostic imaging services for hospitals.

With Humana, Dr. Rollo served as Chief Medical Officer and as Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs. He was also the founding Medical Director of the Humana Health Plans. Dr Rollo’s PC owned and managed 65 outpatient diagnostic imaging centers and 65 physician practice groups including over 1500 physicians in 18 states.
Dr Rollo’s Academic career included co-editing eight textbooks, publishing over 270 articles and making over 500 presentations. He has received nearly 60 awards, honors or grants, has held over 40 professional appointments, provided consulting services under more than 50 consulting agreements and has received appointments to over 60 committee memberships with responsibilities ranging from Board Member to President/ Chairman in eight Medical Associations. Dr Rollo has also served as manuscript reviewer for six medical journals.

Dr Rollo’s clinical and research activities focused on non-invasive diagnostic procedures to include echocardiography, nuclear imaging, PET imaging, digital angiography and vascular imaging for CT and MRI. His academic appointments include the following: Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville ,TN: 1977-2000 as Professor of Radiology and Medicine, Director of Nuclear Medicine, Director of Radiological Sciences, Medical Director of VUMC, Assistant to the Dean for Hospital Affairs.
University of California San Francisco: 1972-1977 Associate Professor Radiology and Medicine, Director Medical Imaging Research Center Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse NY: 1968-1972 Associate Professor in Radiology (Physics)
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD; 1965-1972Research Associate in Physics, Fellow in Physics at Applied Physics Lab

Dr Rollo’s education include: A Master of Science in Radiological Physics from University of Miami ; a Ph.D. in Physics from The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions; and an M.D. from Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse. Dr Rollo is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, a Fellow of the American College of Nuclear Physicians, is Board Certified by the American Board of Nuclear Medicine and Cardiology. Dr Rollo has served on the Board of Directors of 11 companies 5 of which went public. Companies which went public include Cambridge Heart, KBL Healthcare, NeoRx Corporation, Raytel Medical Corporation, and ADAC Labs.


Cell>Point staffs its clinical trial work and research through consulting and sponsored research agreements representing approximately 65 full time equivalents (FTE’s).  Our consultants include CarmargoPharmacetuical, J-Star Research, Avrio Biopharma, K.U. Leuven, IsoTex Inc., MPI Research, BMS, Johnson Matthey Pharma Services and others.  Sponsored research includes The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the University of Chicago Medical Center, and the University of Virgina.