Theranostic Platform

Cell>Point ‘s 4 chelator platforms are ideal for developing theranostic agents to diagnose and treat cancer and other diseases.

Theranostic medicine is a major step forward in making personalized medicine a reality. At Cell>Point, theranostics is the combination of target specific diagnostic imaging and compatible target specific therapy at the molecular level. Each Cell>Point diagnostic imaging compound and its companion therapeutic compound share the same target specific core. The clinical objective is to diagnose and stage the disease, determine the proper therapeutic dose level for the individual patient, treat the patient and follow-up by imaging the patient’s response to the therapy while the patient is undergoing the therapy.


Accurate Imaging

Key to theranostics is accurate molecular imaging and dosimetry information, measuring the mass of the primary and secondary lesions.  To accurately calculate dosimetry, Cell>Point teamed up with Philips Healthcare to write Astonish Software to improve spatial resolution – ~8mm and reduce noise.

Medical Benefits of Theranostics –  Improved therapeutic outcomes, reduced damage to healthy cells and lower overall cost.

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